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Considering‍‍‍ to take up Diving? Scuba Knights is the perfect place to do it. Safety and marine conservation are our main concern, integrated with fun and proper teaching for our students. We'll be taking care of your every needs so you can concentrate on enjoying an immersive and holistic diving experience!

Our courses and dive trips adhere to the European Underwater Federation (EUF) and ISO 24801 standards and are taught by experienced instructors who are trained to adapt to our students’ pace in order to achieve proper learning. Most importantly we strictly adhere to the ratio of maximum 4 divers to 1 crew. At the end of the day, our bounden duty is your safety and security during dives and we swear by this creed.

All course prices listed below are FULLBOARD Packages in Tioman!

Openwater DiverAdvanced DiverNitrox DiverDiscover ScubaRescue DiverLeisure DiverDivemaster course Instructor Course Dive InsuranceOverseas trip

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